Bartók Béla Boulevard web app

Client: Kulturális Tizenegy Egyesület

Task: UX / UI design, web application development

From now on, you can browse the most exciting cultural programs of Bartók Béla road with the help of a web application.

After 100 years, the cultural life of Bartók Béla road has come to life again. Many iconic figures of Hungarian culture in the 1900s appeared frequently in this area, such as Kosztolányi, Karinthy and Móricz, in a lively social studio on Bartók Béla road.The exciting, pulsating, intellectual environment of the time had an enormous impact on Hungarian cultural and business life. This influence can still be felt today and the mission of Béla Bartók Boulevard, is to keep the innovative spirit of Béla Bartók road alive.

You can browse the event program for Béla Bartók Boulevard including the Eleven tavasz, Eleven Osz and Advent festivals on the BBB web app created by our agency. You can search for events by location, type of program, or specified time. We can’t wait for more events!