Csokicsel Handcrafted Chocolate

Client: Csokicsel

Task: Logo, branding and label design

We designed the new image for an emerging handmade chocolate brand.

Csokicsel is a family business founded in 2012 that makes handcrafted chocolate. One of our most exciting projects of 2019 was a branding update for the business.

Among their artisanal chocolates, you can find a variety of products: round chocolate, square chocolate, long chocolate, short chocolate… so good even Artúr Gombóc himself would be tempted. You can also find chocolate tools such as chocolate screws, chocolate corkscrews, chocolate spoons and many other realistic chocolate items on offer. When designing the branding and packaging, the customer’s primary request was for the product to give a clear indication to customers of what it was made of. We believe we have succeeded in the task. We recommend you taste the product too!