We are designers, web developers, digital marketing strategists, and video makers. We have more than a decade of experience in the creative industry. We are always looking for new, innovative, customer-oriented digital marketing solutions.

Gábor Böheim

Digital TSAR

Gábor has extensive agency and client experience in most areas of digital marketing, from strategic planning to content marketing to social media and PPC. Previously, he worked for clients such as Huawei, Zwack, Johnnie Walker, Procter & Gamble and Szentkirályi, and has also been involved in startups. When he’s not working, he is obsessed with fencing and DJing.

Dávid Juhász


David is a graphic and UX / UI designer with over 15 years of professional experience. He is responsible for bringing the concepts to life in a wide variety of projects. In the past, he has worked with clients such as Sony, Coca-Cola, Nissan, Huawei, Oreo, BFZ, Szentkirályi, Zwack and BMW. He has also been involved in startups. When he’s not designing, he’s with his family or practising Japanese traditional archery.

Tamás Lakos


Tamás is a graphic designer and painter who is passionate about details and powerful visual effects. For the past 10 years, Tamás has been responsible for visual communications for brands such as Spar, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Sony, Huawei, Heineken, Zwack and MKB Bank. He is active as a designer and artistic director. When he is not an obsessive gastronomy tester, he paints, draws, plays basketball and water polo.

Tamás Winkler


Tamás has acquired and applied his half-decade of video production experience across several continents. He believes that every person and company has a story to tell, and video is the best, most visceral, most impactful format to convey it. He has broad experience across various digital marketing processes, and keeps his finger on the pulse of new trends, platforms and formats. He has also worked on the client-side, and was previously responsible for digital marketing at companies such as Huawei.

Márton Székely

Workflow Guru

Márton is an exceptional digital project manager who combines technical expertise with strong leadership skills, delivering outstanding results with precision and efficiency. He has passion for music composition and collecting sneakers, showcasing creativity inside and outside the office.